Indoor Air Quality in Middletown, NJ

Indoor Air Quality in Middletown, NJ

Blue Planet offers a full range of indoor air quality services for homes in New Jersey. We are your NJ home environmental company – we cure sick homes and we love what we do.

Have you noticed any of these potential signs of poor indoor air quality in your home?

  • Coughing, sneezing or trouble breathing
  • Allergy and asthma symptoms
  • Itchy skin or eyes
  • Mold in the home
  • Musty smell
  • Chronic respiratory issues

Indoor air quality (IAQ) contributes to many common health issues here in New Jersey. Blue Planet is your local expert in addressing the variety of underlying causes – including mold, bacteria and pollen and volitile organic compounds (VOCs) – that can impact IAQ. We want you and your family to be healthy again!

The Blue Planet approach to indoor air quality improvements

Blue Planet, takes pride in being able to assess your entire home, efficiently and professionally. No matter the IAQ-related problem, we’ll get to the root of it and correct it.

Possible causes for Indoor Air Quality problems:

  • Mold spores circulating throughout the home
  • Bacteria entering the home and air supply
  • Pollen in the air
  • Excess humidity
  • Condensation in enclosed spaces like ductwork
  • Carbon-based gases entering the structure due to equipment failure

You can try to tackle each of these potential causes individually, but we recommend a whole-home approach to any IAQ challenge. Chances are, more than one home system is involved and they are interacting with each other in a complex way. For example, you may have a crawlspace mold problem that is affecting the rest of the home through the ductwork.

Call us today to discuss a whole-home IAQ test! Your health is important.

 Air Filtration

Air Filtration

Importance of proper air filtration in homes

Heating and cooling may be the number one expense in most American homes, but indoor air quality is one of the most common causes of illnesses. The EPA states that indoor air can be over 100x worse than outside air. Commonly found airborne pollutants found in an infected home are MOLD SPORES, VIRUSES, BACTERIA, YEASTS, AND ALGAE. When these mix with DUST, DIRT, POLLEN, DANDER, CARPET, AND INSULATION FIBERS, your family’s health is at risk