Mold Remediation Services in Middletown, NJ

Mold Remediation Services in Middletown, NJ

Poor design, structural failure or aging can lead to failure of the 7 major systems that make up your home. Mold growth may be the result of these failures, especially if water infiltration and moisture are involved. Mold in your house means your family’s heath is at risk and your house is unhealthy.

Blue Planet is a certified mold remediation provider across all of New Jersey. We are your NJ home environmental company – we cure sick homes and we love what we do.No two jobs are the same.

Let's talk mold.

The CDC says "Mold is unacceptable in any home or building."

Your home may have a mold problem if any of these issues have come up:

  • You have seen mold on visible surfaces
  • You have noticed a moldy smell in enclosed spaces
  • There are ongoing water issues in your crawl space or basement
  • Your doctor has noticed respiratory symptoms indicating potential air quality issues

You may also be buying or selling a house and looking to gain the peace of mind that comes with a whole-home mold assessment. Whatever your reason, Blue Planet is here to help.

The Blue Planet process for mold testing and remediation – guaranteed for 8 years

Our process is the most efficient and scientific in New Jersey. Blue Planet is the only company in the area – and one of the few in the entire industry – to offer an 8-year warranty on our mold remediation services.

Here are the steps Blue Planet takes to ensure complete eradication of mold in your home:

Testing – The only way to know how much and what type of mold you have is to get a professional, EPA-certified test done. Black mold is not always black – it can be any color under the rainbow. Also, mold spores do not live only on solid surfaces – they float through the air as well. We check everything for a price of only $295 and up, depending on the size of your home.

Preparing the home – Before starting the eradication process, we apply a reactive, low-impact chemical to all surfaces where mold may be present. This is an environmentally safe substance that foams on contact with mold spores and allows us to pinpoint mold locations. Next, we prepare all wood and aggregate materials in the home to receive the biocide that kills the mold. We do this by scarifying wood surfaces.

Vacuuming your surfaces – Using a HEPA-filtered, industrial vacuum, we move through the house to lift away all surface contaminants and spores.

Injecting biocide – This step kills the mold colony. By injecting a special biocide (anti-microbial) deep into all wood and aggregate materials, we fully eradicate not just the surface blossoms but also the root system.

Encapsulation - After allowing time for all wet surfaces to dry, we apply a paint-like encapsulation spray that seals in the biocide and prevents mold from ever attaching to your home surfaces again.

Post Testing - We are required to complete a full post-test of your home after the encapsulation period and before leaving the site. For customers who wish to have additional tests completed after a month or two, we can do that as well (additional fee applies). When we leave your home, you can be assured there is no mold remaining!

Get the complete mold remediation solution from Blue Planet – contact us today!