Home Waterproofing Services in Middletown, NJ

Home Waterproofing Services in Middletown, NJ

Blue Planet is a certified waterproofing provider for homes throughout all of New Jersey. We are your NJ home environmental company – We cure sick homes and we love what we do.

Water and Mother Nature never stops attacking your foundation – so we work with Mother Nature and get the water away from your foundation so it never comes into the home. No messy tray systems, or channels, or halfway measures that still allow water vapor to enter the home.

Some homeowners are in denial about the effects of water on their house and foundation. It’s not just seasonal, a onetime thing or flood-related – water is slowly infiltrating most homes every day of the year, rain or shine. If left unaddressed, water issues including mold will only get worse. If your foundation leaked once, it has failed. Once it leaks it will continue to deteriorate over time.

Here are some signs you may need waterproofing services in your home:

  • You have had a mold problem
  • Your basement or crawlspace is damp or you have seen standing water
  • Your foundation is built with a floating slab or open channel around the perimeter
  • When it rains, water comes into your basement
  • Your basement slab flooring is always damp or wet

Get a no-cost professional assessment to determine the extent of water problems and how to permanently solve them! Guaranteed!

Fact: New homes are just as susceptible to water leakage as old homes. Don’t assume your home is watertight simply because it’s new.

The Blue Planet method for waterproofing your home:

Our waterproofing method is designed to win the competition against Mother Nature. We go the extra mile, compared to other waterproofing companies in NJ. We can repair any system in your home: electrical, plumbing, foundation, HVAC, and repair any structural issue.

Steps in the Blue Planet waterproofing process for your home:

  • Assess the house and foundation – a member of our professional and friendly service team will visit the property, perform interior AND exterior inspections. We consult with you. This includes actual pictures and video of our methods and past projects!
  • Develop a water management plan – we’ll detail the project process and solutions, answering all of your questions about the process.
  • Implementing the solution- no matter how tight the foundation, water will still find a way in, so we address this problem installing our water management system underneath the slab.
  • Drain foundation walls – you may not believe it, but block and brick construction almost always fills with water that needs to be drained out.
  • Install drainage Pipes- With all the water being released, our water management system will easily allow the water to travel into the sump well(s) even with a high amount of water.
  • Install sump pump(s)- One or more high efficiency sump pump(s) will effectively direct the water far away from your home.
  • Install a dehumidifier – No matter how tight the foundation, water vapor will find a way in unless you have a high-performing dehumidifier in place.
  • Personalize it- Every house is different and a generic system will not be enough. The system in your home will be unique, specially designed to meet your needs.
  • Foundation repair – Open channel and cold joint foundations lead to the vast majority of water issues, so we address this problem by installing our water management system underneath the slab. This is a sealed system. No water sitting stagnant and no water vapor means no mold.
  • Life of home guarantee – Blue Planet guarantees all our waterproofing not only for the life of your ownership but also through any future transfers of ownership!
  • PRICE GUARANTEE – We will beat any companies’ price providing they are installing the same superior level of system that Blue Planet installs.
  • Sit back and relax- The water management system is self-maintained and automated. It will continue working hard to keep water from entering your home, so that you can have peace of mind.

Foundation Repair for Your New Jersey Home

Many NJ homeowners don’t want to admit that their foundations have suffered damage over the years by the cruel effects of Mother Nature. It’s not just a seasonal problem, either, as rain and moisture affects homeowners all throughout the state, year-round. Foundations that have been damaged by moisture and are visibly cracked will do nothing but get worse as time progresses if not properly addressed. Fortunately, repairing foundations is easier than many people think.

Blue Planet: Foundation Repair Experts

At Blue Planet, we know that open channel and cold joint foundations lead to the majority of water issues suffered by homeowners. This is a sealed system, which means no stagnant water, water vapor or mold. Contrary to popular belief, it’s almost never necessary to jack-up a house to perform foundation repairs, and our methods are highly effective at solving the problem.

The benefits of foundation repair include the following:

  • Improved structural integrity of the home
  • Enhanced home performance
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Reduced energy bills

The Problem Won't Fix Itself

A crumbling, cracked or leaking foundation is a disaster waiting, and it’s not going to fix itself. We’re here to help put this problem to rest, no matter how extensive the damage may be. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule an appointment.

Call us today if you suspect any water issues in the home – we will provide the permanent solution. Guaranteed!